Simon Maurissen

Filmmaker and photographer

I am an award-winning filmmaker and photographer from Belgium, working on various subjects related to nature: wildlife, conservation, natural history, adventure and natural sciences. To contribute to protect the world natural heritage, to help people marvel at its beauties and encourage them to preserve it, are my main motives.

 With four years of experience in various environments around the world, I want to be a bridge between people and the natural world beyond species and boundaries, I want to raise awareness on the most burning issues facing the planet today.

 My background is in science with a master in geological sciences and a specialisation in water sanitation. I am also a trained nature guide. I taught myself the technical competencies of filmmaking as well as the art of storytelling and the photographic eye. I also draw and paint since I was very young and I now use the dry pastel, grey pencil and watercolour techniques regularly to illustrate wildlife, natural sceneries or intense gaze of people who captivate me.

‚ÄčI am the founder and an active member of the international audio-visual collective Bighorn Studio, which aims to raise awareness on conservation issues. I really believe in the principle of collaboration. The collective assemble people from different backgrounds and nationalities and put their skills together in order to create stories, under the form of films and art pieces, for the ones that cannot tell their own stories.  I was fortunate enough to collaborate on different projects with talented and dedicated people who taught me a lot.

Tel: +32 484 61 94 10