Formulaire et conditions d'inscription

Gilles Charrière

How to register?

 After acceptance by the managers of the A&VS site, registration is done as follows 

1. Send an @ -mail to Kathleen de Fays or to   your name, first name, address, phone and mobile, email, artistic discipline and a photo of yourself;
2. A short biography as well as the link to your site;
3.10-15 photos of works in high resolution JPEG ; it is advisable that each photo is protected by copyright accompanied by a brief description: title, size, as well as any information you deem useful; I enter it under photo
4. we share your upcoming artistic agenda;

Contribution and fees:

  • Registration: 90 € to be paid into the account 
  • IBAN BE630003 2599 8408
    BIC BPOTBEB1 avec com structurée 100/6935/53670


This subscription includes your presence on the site:
→ your photo and CV,
→ 15-20 selected works (if insufficient quality is refused by the selection committee)
→ your proactive participation in exhibitions and in the sharing of other exhibitions that may be suitable for the 'association.


  • Annual subscription from the 2nd year: 25 €